Steph’s new collection of bespoke leather guitar straps

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Stephanie Wood has music running through her veins, red hot.

Besides making stage clothes for many bands in the 60’s and 70s – “well exactly how tight do you want these white trousers, Pete?”- Steph’s brother Chris Wood was very influential in her musical appreciation as he was one of the co-founders of  Traffic along with Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason. Chris introduced her to many musicians, several of which remain close friends today and are Steph’s inspirations.

She used to go to many Birmingham clubs and gigs, and was even seen running around stately home ruins with Bob Dylan in the middle of the night. What jolly japes!

“I’d just started working with leather as part of my [fashion] collections for men. I was going to a zillion gigs and found myself looking at the guitarists in bands on stage – realising their guitar straps were an extension of their music genre, with mad colours, emblems and textures. ”

Having had a decade and more of women’s handbags, Steph is now focusing on her men’s collection.  She has been designing business items and accessories for men, but the music in her veins has prompted a new  direction

“Yeah, I’m expanding the mens range, more accessories and now I’m working on guitar straps for a wide range of guitars. I figure I’ll do some exciting “girlie ones” too for the amazing women rockers I know. There’s a fabulous range of guitars out there and they’re all let down by bad guitar straps.”

Steph’s two current design include various adjustment features to make the guitar strap fit very individually to your body. Also both are made in quality leathers so they will not go out of shape.

One has been made with a Brummy bass guitarist friend in mind, using rich chestnut and metallic leathers whilst another style of strap has been made for an acoustic playing mate in mind. “This is a little 70’s retro for me, those browns and golds that were around then AND those classical leathers!”



She’s currently making a third style,  inspired by the textured effects stamped and embossed on quality hides. Watch this space.

If there are any creative guitarists who would like to discuss a particular individual designed strap with Steph – perhaps one to match your surf green Strat -please fill in the contact form here