Deep purple iPad handbag


Smart handbag for iPhone and iPad users, with space for notebooks, sunglasses, cameras and water bottles. A lightweight leather bag with suede-backed protection pockets for valuable digital items

Please click on the small pictures to see a HD gallery open so you can see the craftsmanship that has gone into this bag to make it so  gorgeous.

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This bag was designed for a very busy woman who creates websites. She needed a bag that was light, held her iPad in a protected pocket, also her iphone and glasses, would not fall over and still big enough to fit in a make-up bag, purse, and a small bottle of water.

So the iPad handbag was created by Steph and it has certainly stood the test of time as well as the test of organised usefulness.

Made in a very fine quality suede-backed pigskin leather, “the office in a bag” – holds all your iIpad and your iPhone in their own pockets, protects them, in an organised manner, leaving lots of space for water bottles, notepads,  purses, chocolate bars, etc.

The Ipad has its own suede sleeve pocket, and there are two further smaller pockets made for a smartphone and a pair of glasses or your Oyster card. It’s light, so no excess weight to drag around with you.

The straps are that convenient size that go over your shoulder so the bag tucks under your arm or can equally be carried as handles. It is an deal for city commuting.

  •  28cm high x 23cm wide, side is 11cm deep.
  • Handles are long enough to go over your shoulder, tucking the bag under your arm, really close to your body – nice and secure AND leaving both hands free to deal with the ticket barriers, doors, etc
  • Handles are also short enough also to go over the wrist or the bag can be hand held
  • Inside there is one pocket for a iPad sized tablet, and two pockets big enough for a smartphone and a pair of glasses and a pen
  • All the leather used in the construction has its natural suede backing exposed so things don’t slip
  • The base is reinforced so the bag stands up and doesn’t fall over.

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