Grey leather with black lizard print double ring key fob


A luxurious leather key fob or key ring with two rings so one set of keys are able to be detached with a simple sliding of a clasp. Made with soft leathers and italian nickel hardware…these key fobs are not only lovely to hold, always look wonderful, they are downright practical.

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A really stylish and elegant solution to a practical problem…. What happens when you want to give a key to someone else? well… you may struggle with opening the keyring, breaking a few nails, or most likely irritating the husband in getting him to remove the key.

Not any more.

Stephanie has created a range of colourful key fobs which accommodate two keys or two sets of keys, where one can be detached by simply sliding a metal clasp.

Watch this video to see the mechanism in action and also get a glimpse of Steph’s cat in her first acting role.

These double key fobs, are also known as valet-parking key rings – in the situation where you give a complete stranger your car key, you may feel uncomfortable about giving them also your house keys or your office keys. By putting your house keys on the static key ring and you car keys on the detachable ring, tyour car key can be removed in a second with no worries about the security of the other keys.

The high quality nickel-plated hardware from Italy, is expertly constructed. The leathers Stephanie designs with, are professionally tanned which keeps all the qualities of leather. She chooses leathers which are hard wearing though soften with use and age – unlike some leathers which can feel incredibly rigid and hard, and plastic-like to the touch. These fobs become very tactile and incredibly useful.

The double key fob is also ideal for dog owners who have to accomodate American city or federal license tags. Again, with one simple action the tags can be added to or removed from your keyring to reduce bulky metal bunches.

Having the car key on the detachable key ring means you can give your car keys to other family members, or car garages and servicing centres. If you have a key fob for you and your partner, interchanging car keys means they will never get mislaid. You may want to give your cleaner or builder the back door key whilst you are out of the house. With a simple slide of the clasp, that key is removed quickly without fuss. It makes life incredibly easy.

There are a new range of colours added to the website regularly, so please see what colour ranges are available.