iPad organiser handbag for geek goddesses


Your office in a handbag. Lightweight, colour-blocked organiser handbag, in lightweight leather and suede backing – designed especially for the Geek Goddesses in our lives. Holds special pockets for an iPad, iPhone, Glasses and room for other important stuff you need in the office.

Please click on the small pictures to see a HD gallery open so you can see the quality of this bag clearly.

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This bag was made for a crazy app developer woman, and we liked it so much, we’ve put this into production.

If you like the concept but not necessarily the colours that the Geek Goddess wanted, let Steph know. She’s made a few other colour ways.

Soooo…. this bag is “an office in a bag” – a bag that can hold everything you need for an app presentation to the clients, apparently.

“It’s just awesome , does everything I want a bag to do….it looks professional,  and is a bit qwerky, like me,” she says. “I mean it’s got my iPad in… and it doesn’t move around in the pocket and the suede backing protects the screen, and the iPad just slips down one side of the bag without rattling around in it… and THEN… it has my iPhone in the other pocket and my glasses in another. But the best bit is when I sit in the boardroom, the bag just sits on the floor by my side, it doesn’t fall over, and I can slip the iPad, notebook, glasses, pen, iPhone in and out of the bag real easy. The pale colours of the inside leathers and suede means I can locate things fast, and they don’t move around. I used to go into these meetings with a collection of bits and pieces in my arms, slipping around… and it just looked unprofessional. I was always afraid of dropping stuff, but now I just pick up the bag and it’s good, to go.”

“The other thing I like, is that the bag is really light, I can cram it with all the stuff I need for the office, and it’s still lightweight…. AND I can tuck the bag under my shoulder, cuddling it under my arm which is a must for jumping on the Tube or the Subway  – AND I still have both my hands free..”

“To give you an idea of what I can get in this bag, I let Steph take a picture of all my junk… so I’ve got the iPad, the iPhone, glasses, pen, make-up bag, bottle of water , a big wallet purse, my keys and my travelling light-down fold up jacket. Sorted. It’s my travelling office. “

  •  28cm high x 23cm wide, side is 11cm deep.
  • Handles are long enough to go over your shoulder, tucking the bag under your arm, really close to your body – nice and secure AND leaving both hands free to deal with the ticket barrier
  • Handles are also short enough also to go over the wrist or the bag can be hand held
  • Inside there is one pocket for a iPad sized tablet, and two pockets big enough for a smartphone and a pair of glasses and a pen
  • All the leather used in the construction has its natural suede backing exposed so things don’t slip
  • The base is reinforced so the bag stands up and doesn’t fall over.

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