Red lizard skin key ring



For the man who has everything and drives a red car… here’s the ideal gift – luxury lizard skin smart key fob – able to detach one set of keys in an instance without breaking fingernails

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Here’s a little something for the man who has everything… a key fob to match the colour of his car, including Santa. What you think he only has the sleigh parked out his house.?… Nooooo, he’s got a red Mercedes for those shopping trips around the Pole and now he can have a matching key ring.

Steph has only made one of these key fobs in red lizard skin, lined with black lizard skin and top-stitched in red. Truly, a bespoke design.

Not only is it beautifully designed but also seriously practical as the double key ring has one detachable key ring – removed very simply by sliding a clasp. So when Santa gets one of the elves to take his car to the garage for servicing, the car key can come off the key ring on its own, leaving Santa’s house keys with Mrs Claus. (She needs the car for shopping too.)

Perhaps you are valet-parking your car, rather than leaving your house keys with a complete stranger, just slip off the car key and you can feel much safer.


You might also not want the entire set of your house and car keys in your trouser pocket, the jingling noise could confuse reindeer, in which case, slide off the unwanted bulky keys.

The thing is, you can slip the one key off in a second, really quick and effortless and you don’t break any fingernails

Have a look at the main page as we have a number of  fobs available in a range of leathers and colour combinations.



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