Lightweight black leather Tote bag


Steph has been making quite a few of these bags, they have become very popular recently with some of her clients so we thought you might like to see one too. Its a very simple tote bag made in a very soft Nappa leather, that is very lightweight. The wide shoulder straps make the bag comfortable wearing it on your shoulder and is so useful its one of those bags that would fold up into a suitcase if your are travelling or on vacation.

Handmade black leather tote bag
Very good quality fasteners on the edges of the bag to make it secure

The bag has two very good quality metal fasteners across the top, so the sides can fold in an be nice and secure under you arm. Of course it wouldn’t be a Steph creation without a funky printed lining. Happy shopping!

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Steph has made an extremely super soft lightweight Nappa leather tote bag or shopping bag.The tote bag is a simple box shape with can be closed and fastened by two metal spring fastenings at the edges. This makes a smaller triangular shape that fits neatly under the arm. And this leather is so soft, its just fabulous to cuddle against you. And the straps are wide and soft so they don’t dig into your shoulders. Even though the leather is soft, its still pretty sturdy.

We had a great comment from one of her clients, which we had not thought about…. so a tip from Mrs A who lives in Oxfordshire… shoe bought one of these bags for herself and then one for her daughter (thanks mum), and told us one of the reasons she bought the  tote bag was because it’s ideal for taking on holiday – it’s lightweight and it packs so flat inside a suitcase, its a perfect travelling companion. Thanks Mrs A!

  • Base of the tote bag is 10” x 2.75”
  • It has 6 silver coloured metal base feet to stop scuffing
  • Top of the bag when folded out to full width is 18”
  • Two silver coloured high quality metal fastening at each end allow you to secure the bag across the sentre
  • Height of bag is 12”
  • The handles are 1.75” wide for softness which makes the bag very comfy when worn on the shoulder
  • The handles are 26” in length
  • 100% printed cotton lining pattened with hotel labels
  • Lightweight bag is ideal for taking on vacation or packing into suitcases.
  • PLEASE NOTE The tote bag can also be bought with a matching removable purse  here.

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