Lilac Stowaway leather tote bag




The Lilac Stowaway leather tote bag is a strong, yet ultra-soft tote bag made in high quality crocco-printed leather it’s  a very handy size for daily use -for shopping, commuting, driving – with handles that can be put over your shoulder leaving your hands free  – as well as making the bag secure under your arm.

It’s ideal and incredibly useful present for your friend … or wait – for even yourself.

The bag is unlined except for a colourful printed base to keep shape to the bag –  the design keeps the bag very light in weight and the paler suede colour becomes the lining – which make it very easy to find things inside the bag.

Another absurdly practical point about this tote bag is, that it folds flat so you could take this bag in a suitcase to use when you are travelling on vacation or on a boat!.

Inside there are two pockets made of the same crocco-print leather, lined in a fine contracting grainy pigskin. They are very useful for putting tickets, corporate passes and other small cards.

Fabulous, gorgeous to look at, practical, useful, and shower-proof!

  • Measures 15” x 16 x 3”
  • 2 interior loose pockets with contrast facing leather
  • Base has a take-out leather strengthener so the bag can be folded flat for inside your suitcase
  • 2 x 25” straps that can be worn over the shoulder / under the arm straps
  • Unlined leather makes the bag lighter in weight
  • Bright paisley cotton lining inside the bag
  • Sunglasses/spectacles case available on request
  • Matching key fob available on request

What is crocco print leather?

Crocco leather is not a skin from a crocodile. It is a piece of leather or hide that has been stamped by a metal die which embosses or imprints a pattern or texture onto the hide. This style of crocco leather was introduced to achieve a consistent depth of leather, across a large area of the hide –  ideal for making handbags. Because this process uses a metal quick and blunt force, then only higher grades of skins can be used as inferior hides would disintegrate. Once stamped, the leather has to be oiled and treated to ensure the pattern remains. This treatment adds softness to the final finish.