Lime green leather double ring key fob


Bespoke keyfob  – beautifully made with fine leathers and hides – and a sophisticated, elegant clasp to make dealing with keys simple.

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A very innovative key ring design  for when you have two sets of keys and you would like to give one set to your garage, the valet park, your partner, your kids, etc.

Car keys in particular are getting larger and chunkier due to the increased security devices inside them, and some times you don’t want that bulk in a small evening bag or in a trouser pocket. You can remove the chunky key by simply sliding back the catch, which releases a key ring and the key

For some of our client who drive sports models they have told us that the ignition is positioned low to the lap, and where a bunch of jangling house keys scratching against your legs as you drive is not ideal. So again by releasing one of the keys, you remove the bulk.

Equally there are times when you might want to leave some of your keys with someone you don’t know, like a person valet parking your car or when you leave your car at a garage . This fob allows different sets of keys to be removed easily – without breaking fingernails.

One of our clients lives in New York, and she keeps her dog licence tags on the separate ring. Another client has her garage and car keys on the separating key ring. There are multiple and wonderful uses.

The fob has two rings. You can put your house keys on one ring and say, put your car keys on another ring. The sliding mechanism removes one of the rings. It’s that simple.

They are available in a range of leathers and hides in multiple colour combinations.

Please check the website for current availability. Corporate enquiries are welcomed.

How the double key fob works

The fob has two key-rings; one ring is static and the other is removable, attached to a sliding mechanism.

By sliding the catch, the top key ring is released and we have attached a rather chunky car key to that ring

The catch has been pulled back and the second key ring with the chunky balck car key has been attached to the static key ring