Printed red leather stash bag or carry- bag


This larger sized stash bag or pouch (9.5″ x 6.5″) is ideal for organising all your important items you need to carry on board with you or wash bag or make-up bag. Ideal for larger headphones and digital equipment, safely stored and  protected. The finish of this leather is quite outstanding.

Please click on the small images to see higher definition and larger images for your to appreciate Stephanie’s craftsmanship and attention to fine detail.

There are a range stash bags come in different colours and leathers and are also available in larger sizes here

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Made in high quality crocco-printed leather which is unbelievably soft to hold, this stash bag or pouch made by Stephanie in a larger size –  is a very useful bag to have when travelling. Able to contain all your carry-on digital entertainment gadgets, as well as your travel documents and passports.

It’s ideal and incredibly useful present for your friend or yourself.

A fabulously soft crocco-print leather bag, with a zip fastening and a discreet leather zip pull. This leather, despite it being soft, is very hard-wearing and always retains its finish.

These little stash bags are ideal for organising your important items, keeping them together, well protected, yet in a bag that can be folded and put into any case or handbag without taking up too much room. Also because this one is in a bright colour, the stash bag can be instantly identified and found fast.

The linings inside Stephanie’s stash bags are bright patterned cottons, so agin whatever small items are inside the stash bag they can be found easily.

The bags are not bulky,  so won’t take up masses of space in your bag or luggage.

They are ideal for carrying a whole range of knick-knacks that your can’t live without – make-up, digital accessories, receipts, jewellery, a sewing kit, medications . any small items that you need to be with you.

Lined in gorgeous Liberty lawns or cotton prints, this is a perfect gift to yourself or your best frien

  • Dimensions: 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″
  • Plaid wool lining as seen in the picture

Please note, Stephanie has a matching belt to co-ordinate with this bag here

What is crocco print leather?

Crooco leather is not a skin from a crocodile. It is a piece of leather or hide that has been stamped by a metal die which embosses or imprints a pattern or texture onto the hide. This style of  crooco leather was introduced to achieve a consistent depth of leather, across a large area of the hide –  ideal for making handbags. Because this process uses a metal quick and blunt force, then only higher grades of skins can be used as inferior hides would disintegrate. Once stamped, the leather has to be oiled and treated to ensure the pattern remains. This treatment adds softness to the final finish.