Red rosette chenille velvet handbag


A fabulous red chenille velvet handbag, for a special occasion or dining out or that special party. Hand-dyed, graduated soft velvet bag, with a floppy rosette detail and a silk lining –  a small bag for holding essentials only – phone, keys, purse, etc – and the bag is great for. Please click on the small pictures to reveal larger ones where you can really see the details and the textures.




The handbag is structured and is made with a muted deep red chenille velvet, soft to the touch and warming. The handbag is decorated with a floppy velvet rosette on the outside flap.

Inside, the handbag is lined in a brown silky fabric and there’s a hidden flash of colour inside the open card pocket

  • 6 inches wide x 6 inches high x 2.5 inches depth with 10 inch hand-held strap.
  • Discreet magnetic fastening for the front of the bag and base feet on the bottom of the bag
  • It will hold a smartphone with room to spare for a small purse, credit cards, keys and a packet of Love Hearts!