Homage to Robbie Blunt’s missing guitar strap


Mr. robbie blunt

Fabulous abstract designed guitar strap using a variety of printed leather reptilian textures, lined in white leather. A sturdy strap yet soft and comfortable for the biggest bass players in Birmingham.


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Steph found herself talking to much-loved musician Robbie Blunt  – only to hear the tale of his missing guitar strap. During the days of Robert Plant, Big Log, California and all that rock n’ roll touring the boys did… well … Robbie’s fave guitar strap went missing, sadly still attached to his bass guitar… (that’s another story)

Fast forward and Steph decided she would design a new strap for our Brummy bass man. Robbie now has his black and white musical notes on his shoulder once more.

Steph made two of the abstract straps, one for Mr Blunt and there’s one other…. which she has now decided to offer to any other guitarists looking for an original and unique design, we can’t guarantee you’ll sound like Mr Blunt though.

The rocker strap is made from various black and white reptile print leathers. That’s not real reptile but leather that has been embossed between metal plates (or printed) to look like reptilian textures. The strap is lined in white leather to add strength to the strap, its sturdy as well as making it very soft to wear across the shoulder

  • Reptile-print leathers in an abstract musical notes design
  • With black Lizard-print leather body and white hide lining
  • The width of the strap is 2.75” (7cm)
  • The length can be adjusted from 45” to 52” (106 – 132 cm)
  • The tail piece in Black Lizard print leather and lined in White hide
  • There’s only one of these