Steel grey Ostrich leather wallet bag ideal for the office stuff


A sophisticated luxurious steel grey ostrich print leather bag ideal for the person who has everything but nothing to put them in. Big enough to fit in glasses, keys, smartphone, passport, office lanyard, USB sticks. This bag is made extra secure with a lockable antique brass fastening. Ideal for him or her.

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This is a perfect present for your partner… that loveable person who says “would you mind if I put my keys, 2 smartphones, my wallet, my reading glasses, my antihistamine pills and this unclaimed lottery ticket in your handbag?” A bag that is well made, looks luxurious and yet low key and is made from hard wearing leather that can withstand constant use.

The leather is firm, but as in all of Stephanie’s creations, once you pick up one of her bags, and have “the tactile moment”, it’s pretty difficult to put them down.

Inside the bag –  the front flap is backed with the striped cream ticking cotton with a grey velour stripe and the bag is lined with the same ticking. The bottom is lined in a two-tone grey plaid tweed.

Although the bag is more simply designed, it is incredibly elegant due to the quality leather. The bag is edged to keep its shape using the same leather, which has been skived ( leather artisan term meaning thinned to remove bulk) and then finely stitched.

The locking fastener is made of high-quality brushed antique brass, which closes the bag by sliding the metal tab into a snap-to closing.  If you have really important documents or you are travelling with jewellry, then you can lock the bag with a key,  found in the attached leather sheath.

  •  282cm x 18 cm x 5 cm or 11” x 7” x 2” inches
  • Locking fastener in brushed antique brass colour
  • Lining is striped “ticking” velour in ivory with grey
  • Plain interior – no pockets
  • Steel grey/black Ostrich print leather