The Woodstock handbag – truly original and surprisingly luxurious


The handbag is inspired by the age of Woodstock – the age of youth, energy, transformation and creative freedom. Stepahnie has created this bag in hand-dyed linen, pearlised leather, crooco-print leather, raw silk lining, beads, rope handles and a healthy dose of quality. Purple Haze meets Dear Mr. Fantasy


The Woodstock handbag is from Stephanie’s bespoke art collection of bags. It is unique

The handbag is inspired by the age of Woodstock – the age of youth, energy, transformation and creative freedom. A time when there was new music, new fashions, new ideas and a new culture.

A time when all the rules were being broken – rock festivals had started… so had psychedelic dreams… there was Swinging London, Jimi Hendrix, Traffic, Pick Floyd, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Jean Shrimpton, Blowup, Mulberry Bush – every medium was being reinvented and liberated.

“Those were the days when I had the fashion freedom to do whatever I wanted. There was an inventing intensity in the air – it just fired you up. The bright spectrum of psychedelic colours just energized me, lifted me up, inspired me,” Steph effervesces.

Although the outside is earthy, the inside is pure sumptuousness.

Open the canvas front – splashed with spectrum-coloured dyes – to reveal a purple shiny iridescent, pearlised, leather under the front flap, and a matching purple pigskin inner lining, with a daisy/grass floral printed cotton pocket. The sides and bottom of the bag are made of a bright orange croc-printed… this handbag is Purple Haze meeting Dear Mr Fantasy.

The length of roped handle means the bag can be carried over the arm and is long enough to go over the shoulder so the bag can be tucked closely under the arm, letting the fringing of braids and beads fall at the sides of the bag.

Dimensions- 6 in x 6 in x 2 in

A truly feelgood bag


“This bag makes me think of the earthiness of those music festivals – everything was so ramshackle… the mud, the camping, days of sitting in dirt… then flashes amongst all the dirt of rainbow tie-and-dye dresses, long ragged hair, braids, beads, men wearing flamboyant vivid clothes, psychedelia – it was a such a buzz.”