Slimline wallet for foreign notes, passport, documents


Simple slimline wallet -ideal for tickets, boarding passes, foriegn notes, passports, etc.

Queing up for the journey home, bag stuffed with tickets and passports
Heading home, with my iPad bag, stuffed with iPad, iPhones, camera, notebooks and cat passports (3)

This wallet co-ordinates with the “office iPad handbag“,

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A super leather slimline wallet made in pink, grey and orange pigskin leather that fits into any travelling bag – however small. Made in a range of bright colours so that you can locate your important travel documents fast.

This very slim wallet or envelope can be slide easily into an iPad case or briefcase or computer bag.

In this case, this wallet co-ordinates with the “office iPad handbag“, which is extensively used by our webmaster, seriously tried and tested and she says it works.

Having s second wallet whilst travelling is ideal to keep your foreign money separate.

SIZE  7.5″ x 4.5”

  • Grey, pink, and orange pigskin leather
  • Unlined except for top interior welt so papers don’t move around
  • 2 stitched end tabs

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