Black lizard leather box for jewels, memory sticks, plectrums, coins…


Perfect elegant gift for the musicians in your life, a black lizard effect leather box, lined with a musical black/white cotton lining, secured with a small black leather strap and brass stud. Ideal for looking after small important items, such as plectrums – or jewellry, coins, rings, or for your digital geeks, idea for putting their memory sticks.

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I want this box a thousand times over, (must have a word with Steph…)

A very good looking chic little box that would look elegant on my dressing table for all my rings and things…. and at the same time … would look great on my partner’s desk in the City for his zillion of little memory sticks he seems to collect.

This fine quality black lizard printed* leather has a truly luxurious look and feel about it, and it’s lined with a soft black and white musical print lining, which might appeal to a few guitar rock gods who need a safe place for their strings and plectrums  …

The box closes securely with a black leather strap and a Sam Brown brass stud, very simple, very efficient and very elegant… a bit like Steph actually….

  • Measures 4” x 4” x 1.5”
  • Black lizard print leather
  • Music print black and white soft cotton lining
  • Strap closes with a brass Sam Brown stud

* We get asked a lot about what printed leather is… it’s a process where leather cow hides and skins  (a by-product from the meat industry) are compressed under heavy metal plates to create a texture – such as lizard, crocodile, ostrich. Designing with these types of hides means Steph does not use any skins from endangered species, nor from any animals she would not like to see killed for their skin.