A unique guitar strap for a very special guitarist. Made from a high hair hide, the strap becomes moving art when worn over the shoulder. Backed by strong and soft Reindeer leather, this creation is both practical, creative and unusual yet beautiful to hold, that moulds to the body when you’re on stage.

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Steph saw this hide in a leather warehouse and her light bulb went on. “Wow, this could be something really special”, she thought, she often thinks like that…  And thats what we have, one of the most exciting and very special designs she’s ever done for a guitarist. Yes, even for the bass player. A unique Springbok leather and hide guitar strap backed with the softest and strongest reindeer lining. The spiky punk-look hair moves with the body when the strap is placed over the shoulder.

The strap blends a natural colour range from sand hues for the lining – through to beiges and off-whites – with earth-brown ends – all embellished with raised nickel rivets. Its a very synergistic piece.

Wait a minute…. Springbok, reindeer? Don’t get troubled, these hides come from lands where they are by-products from foreign meat industries. And have been for years. The reindeer hide was, and still is, worn by many Russians for shoes and boots to endure the cold weather.   It is one of the most robust leathers and the strongest, yet incredibly soft to the touch. Sounds crazy right? How can something be strong and  soft at the same time? But it is, and you need something soft over your shoulder when you’re playing all night on stage. It is super comfortable next to the body, almost as though its padded.

At the widest point the strap measures 2.75″  extended by brown leather strapping tapering to a width of 1.5″   – the length can be adjusted via the high quality buckle from 45” to 50”. Whilst Steph designed the buckle to be worn at the front, it is equally stunning with the buckle at the back.

This piece is a moving work of art, very tactile and something so special, you will feel special too. Utter luxury and originality. That’s Steph. Thats you.